What Human Food Dogs Can Enjoy?

We all know dogs give us the sad eyes begging for us to share our food with them, well some you can! What human foods can your dog enjoy? Let’s look at some foods and their benefits for your favorite pooch!

Blueberries: They are a good source of fiber, manganese and vitamins C and E as well as loaded with antioxidants. Given as a treat will make your dog happy! Make sure to limit the amount though it is recommended that they get 2 blueberries per 10 pounds of bodyweight. Try freezing them for a great summer time treat!

Pumpkin: It’s a great source of soluble fiber for your pet it helps with their digestive system by helping regulate their bowel function. Fresh pumpkin that is steamed or boiled is best however using 100% canned pumpkin is good too and an easy to access item! Just check the label to be sure its 100% canned pumpkin. You can make some delicious dog treats with pumpkin that your dog would dance for too! 

Broccoli: This veggie can make a great treat for your pet too! It’s another fiber filled veggie that helps aid in your pets digestion. It contains beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, protein, and potassium. It’s also helpful anti-inflammatory properties! You can give your pet fresh florets or steamed try both to see what your pet prefers!

Sweet potatoes: Another veggie your pet may enjoy is sweet potatoes. They are high in vitamin C, and vitamin A. You can serve these cooked and cut into pieces or mash them up for your pup. They also can be used to make some delicious dog treats!

Carrots: These can make excellent low-fat treats for your pets! This veggie is loaded with beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. They are also another source of fiber for your pet. Giving them a small carrot for a treat in place of a biscuit is a great alternative for your pet. Chewing on the carrot stick also helps polish your pets teeth a bit!

These are just a few of the foods we eat daily that our pets would be happy to eat with us! Tell us what your pets favorite food is! What foods does your pet enjoy that isn’t on our list?


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