“Just” a pet sitter …..

“Just” a Pet Sitter…..

You’re just a pet sitter they say, as if that’s a bad thing or what we do holds no value.

As pet sitters we often wake before the sun, caring for our own pet families as well as the human ones before leaving to care for other pet families. Rain, snow, sleet or heat we are out there providing love and care for so many. We sacrifice nights, weekends and holidays home with our family to care for our pet clients, weekends aren’t spent relaxing on the couch usually we are out leashes in hand walking dogs or tossing toy mice getting kitties to play.

However, we are just pet sitters…

As pet sitters, we drive many miles going from home to home providing care. Our tires are wearing down, regular oil changes are more frequent and often our tanks are filled several times a week. Our shoes are wearing thin due to the many miles walked with our furry clients. Our clothes often covered in fur, mud, slobber or paw prints.

However, we are just pet sitters…

As pet sitters, we often deal with the stinky messes left behind by pets. It’s part of the job and we don’t mind. We regularly carry poop bags on us, ready to clean up on walks. We scoop boxes without hesitation, clean yards without complaint.

However, we are just pet sitters…

As pet sitters we spend time down on the ground playing with puppies, comforting the sad scared ones too. We have conversations with the pets in our care as if they understood us. We bring our pet clients special toys we know they’ll like on holidays, their birthdays or if we see their favorite toy is raggedy. Each pet we see holds a special place in our hearts, they’re often still in our thoughts long after we have visited with them. We want each pet we care for to get the absolute best love and care they deserve.

However, we are just pet sitters…

As pet sitters, we spend our free time learning more, from pet first aid and CPR to animal behavior. We devour books on animals absorbing every word wanting to learn as much as possible. We come up with fun games unique to each pet, so our visits aren’t just letting them out to potty.

However, we are just pet sitters…

As pet sitters, we are heartbroken and shed many tears when we hear of the loss of your precious pet family. As pet sitters, we are there to jump in when you need us in an emergency without hesitation. We pay close attention to your pets and inform you of any changes we notice in them or any new lumps or bumps we find.

However, we are just pet sitters…

This is just a small part of the world of a pet sitter, however, we are not “just” anything. We have big hearts and truly care for each pet we meet. We may only be a small part of their life but to us, they make our lives whole. It takes a true animal lover to be a pet sitter.



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