The Importance of Proper Nail Care For Your Dog

Caring for your dog’s nails isn’t about beauty it’s about functionality and comfort for your pet. It’s essential for your pets well being and overall health and your responsibility to make sure your pet gets the best care possible! We want to show you why it’s necessary to maintain your dogs nails.


Why is it important to trim nails?

Leaving your dogs nails long can cause paw pain and leave your dog susceptible to injuries. When a dogs nails are long and hitting the ground, it causes the nail to be pushed up into the nail bed making your dogs paws sore. Long nails can cause your dogs paws to splay, change their weight distribution throughout their body and cause joint, muscle and tendon pain. In extreme cases nails can begin to curve back around growing back into your pets paw pads! Long nails can also break and cause your pet harm even infection. Allowing your dogs nails to keep growing gives the quick (vein/nerve in the nail) a chance to continue growing making it difficult to cut your pets nails without causing harm.


What can you do to help your dog?

Getting your pet in to see their groomer or veterinarian is your first step to getting your pets nails on track! If you are confident enough, you can even take care of their nails at home! If your dogs nails are long and need to be shortened be prepared to take them in on a weekly or biweekly basis until the quick has receded to an acceptable length. A regular walking schedule where your dog is walking on hard surfaces such as concrete can also help wear their nails down over time, however it won’t be beneficial if your dogs nails are long. If your pet has issues with their paws being handled and their nails being done speak with a dog trainer and your groomer on ways to help your pet become more comfortable.

We all know you want what’s best for your pets wellbeing, keeping up with their nails is just one way to keep them healthy and happy!


What can we do to help you?

We know you have a busy schedule so getting your pet to the groomer or veterinarian can sometimes be difficult. At Play Time Pet Care we can provide pet taxi services to get your pet there, our sitters can meet your mobile groomer at your home and wait for your pet to be finished. Melissa is also a retired pet groomer who can trim and file your dogs nails while visiting if they are comfortable with having their nails done. Call or email us today with any questions you have! 480-292-9735



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