3 Benefits To Having A Pet Sitter With An Online Schedule System

This day in age most everything is online so it’s no wonder pet sitting companies have moved ahead with using online scheduling systems. Let’s look at why using a sitter with an online scheduling system can be beneficial to you!


#1 It’s convenient!

Using a sitter with an online system makes things easier for you. Gone are the days where you need to call your sitter to schedule your visits. You can log in to your personal account and schedule your visits any time day or night no waiting for your sitters’ office hours. With an online system, you can request, cancel and reschedule services. You receive a confirmation as well as your invoice via email and on your own schedule dashboard! They can also process payments online through their secure credit card processor.

An online scheduling system means all your pets information is in one centralized area, you no longer need to write down notes each time you leave or print up a new care sheet. Just fill out your pets care requirements and your sitter will be able to follow all your instructions.


#2 It offers you accountability!

Having an online system helps with sitter accountability. Most systems can allow sitters to check in to visits as well as have a GPS track during the visit and walk. At the end of each visit, you can receive a journal update with how your pets visit went, what was done during the visit as well as adorable photos of your precious furry family members! You can also communicate with the sitter through the system keeping you in contact with them while they care for your pets.


#3 It offers you peace of mind!

Using an online scheduling system can also give you the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure. Each client has their own profile within a secure password protected database. Not having to write down or print out your information saves you the risk of it getting misplaced where someone else may find it. Instead, your sitter can log right into their password-protected account to check all your care notes when they arrive to your pets visit keeping valuable information out of the wrong hands. Online scheduling systems also utilize a secure encrypted credit card processing company keeping your information secure.

At Play Time Pet Care we use an online system called Precise Pet Care. With our system we can meet each of the 3 benefits listed above, we want our clients to have the peace of mind and convenience that comes with using an online scheduling system.

Find out how to join the Play Time Pet Care Family by calling or emailing us at 480-292-9735 info@playtimepetcare.com


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