What Is an In-Home Pet Sitter in Mesa Arizona?

The most basic definition of a pet sitter is “someone who cares for a pet while its owner is away. But, an in-home pet sitter is a little different. An in-home pet sitter takes things a step further by caring for the pet right in its own home. The in-home pet sitter goes to the client’s home and offers companionship, exercise, and provides for the pet’s basic needs. Whether your pet needs long term care while you’re on vacation, or simply needs a little exercise and a potty break while you’re at work, there are a lot of advantages to hiring an in-home pet sitter.


What makes hiring an in-home pet sitter better than many other pet care choices?

One of the best reasons to hire an in-home pet sitter is that it means less stress for your pet. Most pets feel most comfortable in the familiarity of their own home. The trauma of traveling to and from a kennel and being in a strange environment with a bunch of unfamiliar people and animals is completely eliminated. There’s no exposure to illness or possible injury from fighting with strange dogs. Not only that, but an in-home pet sitter will do everything they can to maintain your pet’s current routine.


What exactly does an in-home pet sitter do?

If you’ve never worked with an in-home pet sitter before, you might be wondering exactly what to expect. Simply put, the pet sitter will come to your home on a set schedule and take care of your pet while you’re unable to.

Some pet owners will have a pet sitter come by during their workday to check on their pet, while others rely on pet sitters for more extended care. In many cases, the pet sitter will come by a few times a day. During each visit, the pet sitter will take care of a variety of tasks, depending on your pet’s needs.

  • The pet sitter will feed your pet(s) according to your specifications and schedule. Water bowls will also be filled with fresh, clean water. There’s no need to worry about tummy troubles from sudden diet changes when you hire an in-home pet sitter.
  • Exercise and play time will be provided, based on your pet’s needs. For an active dog, that might include a walk or a game of fetch in the back yard. Cats might enjoy chasing a toy around or just some snuggles and petting. Either way, your pet will get some one on one attention right in the comfort and familiarity of his own home.
  • Litter boxes will be cleaned out, and any other pet messes will be taken care of.
  • If your pet needs medication, the pet sitter will administer it according to your instructions.
  • Most importantly, your pet sitter will provide lots of TLC! They’ll spend time with your pet to make sure he’s doing well while you’re not there. They will watch for any health issues that might need to be addressed. Some pets simply need extra attention while their owners are away, and your pet sitter will be happy to provide it.
  • If you’re going to be away for a few days or longer, your pet sitter might even bring in your mail and newspaper. They can also alternate the lights, open and close blinds, or turn the television on and off to make the home look lived in.

If the most stressful part of going out of town is having to leave your pet, consider trying an in-home pet sitter. Your fur baby will thank you for it!

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