Black Kitty Appreciation

Black cats are just one of the many colors cats come in however did you know they’re the ones that are less likely to be adopted? Each year shelters euthanize 71% of cats that enter a shelter, a large majority of them are black cats.


Why are people so hesitant to adopt these adorable creatures??

Did you know that black cats are walked by at shelters often almost as if people just don’t see them! Black cats have long been tied to witches and bad luck, maybe that’s why they’re not chosen as often.

We would love to share some great facts about black cats, who knows maybe it will help you decide to add one to your family!

According to the national institute of health they discovered that the genetic mutation that causes cats to have black coats may offer them some protection from diseases, how amazing is that?!

In some cultures, black cats are considered lucky! British sailors would bring cats aboard their ships to help hunt mice, they believed a black cat would bring the ship good luck and ensure a safe return home. Crossing paths with a black cat in England is considered lucky. In Japanese culture black cats are a sign of positive things to come. In Scotland a black cat seen in a doorway is a sign of good luck. In Germany if a black cat crosses your path on your way to a church wedding, it is considered a sign that your marriage will be a prosperous one. With so many cultures who believe in the positive that these gorgeous creatures bring, why wouldn’t you want one of them in your family?


Black goes with everything!

That little black dress is perfect for a fun night out, and that little black kitten is the perfect addition to your family. Black cats go with any décor and they match your black pants! There is nothing more entertaining than a walking shadow, sneaking around your house, protecting its kingdom.

Who wouldn’t want to be owned by a little panther?!




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