50 Shades of Meow

Cats are wonderful creatures! It’s like owning a wild cat of your very own in a small little package. Here are 50 reasons why you should add a kitty to your home!

  1. Purring heals wounds! A cats purr can help heal wounds, pulled muscles and stabilize blood pressure.
  2. Cats can help keep you warm when they snuggle up with you.
  3. Cat people have a 40% less risk of a heart attack!
  4. Petting a cat can help relieve stress and anxiety.
  5. Having a kitty sleep with you can help with insomnia
  6. They can sense when you’re sick
  7. They love to play, giving you lots of entertainment time!
  8. They kill bugs for you!
  9. You can teach them tricks just like a dog!
  10. They come in all different kinds of colors and many different breeds offers you lots of choices!
  11. They do well in small apartments
  12. They keep you from being lonely
  13. They can help improve your mental health
  14. They are easily trained to use the litter box
  15. They can help children in your household develop a stronger immune system
  16. They aren’t very demanding creatures and sleep up to 20 hours a day
  17. They’re very curious creatures
  18. They can sometimes have a longer lifespan then dogs
  19. They’re independent creatures
  20. They can be great couch potatoes
  21. They can make a great alarm clock
  22. They can teach you to enjoy the little things in life
  23. Their toes look like beans
  24. Their butts have a built in elevator
  25. You can name them all kinds of fun names
  26. When you adopt one from the shelter you’re saving a life
  27. You can teach them to walk on a leash like a dog!
  28. They keep life interesting by altering your home décor
  29. They are entertained by the smallest of things
  30. They can bond with their human just like a dog
  31. Owning a cat is better for the environment
  32. If you’re single they can help you find a significant other
  33. They’re like being owned by a mini tiger or panther!
  34. Cats and dogs can actually get along!
  35. Cats are great listeners
  36. They find things you lost under the couch
  37. They can unroll the toilet paper for you
  38. They help you find the warmest part of the house in winter
  39. They are incredibly loving
  40. They can help you build routines
  41. They can help teach your kids about responsibility
  42. Cats are a good judge of character
  43. Cats will greet you when you get home
  44. They can turn anything into a toy
  45. Some cats can be pretty low maintenance
  46. Cats are quiet relaxing companions
  47. Cats are easily persuaded with treats
  48. They give you a great conversation starter
  49. It’s like having royalty in your home
  50. Let’s be honest cats are adorable creatures that would fill your heart and home with lots of joy why wouldn’t you want to add one to your home?!


Before adding a kitty to your home, make sure you are ready for that commitment. Adopting a kitty is a great way to add one to your family, Arizona’s shelters are full of wonderful kitties just waiting for someone to take them home!

Worried what to do with them when on vacation or having to go away for a work trip? Fear not Play Time Pet Care is here to help! We offer many choices for your kitty’s pet sitting needs our visits are centered around your cat and their needs! We provide lots of play time and love as well as caring for the essentials like making sure they have a clean litter box fresh food and water and they don’t have to leave home, we come to you! Call Play Time Pet Care today for your kitties pet sitting needs 480-292-9735



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